- August 3, 2023

The Importance of Taxes in Cash Transactions

Some of clients have asked us “Why do you charge me tax when I pay with cash?” This question leads to a very important conversation about how businesses should behave.

Businesses are required to tell the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) about all the money they earn, including cash. If a business doesn’t do this, it’s breaking the law and committing fraud. You may wonder, why does this matter to you as a customer?

The reason is straightforward. If a business can lie to the CRA, they might also lie to their customers. It’s better to avoid businesses that don’t follow the rules.

At Walk-In Notary, we always do things the right way. We report all the money we earn to the CRA, which helps our customers trust us.

We believe in honesty and clarity in business. We think it’s important for all businesses to do the same, as it helps to build trust with customers. A marketplace where everyone is honest and follows the rules is beneficial for all.

Thank you for joining us in promoting honest business. Let’s work together to ensure every business is a fair business!

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