We know…there are a lot of five-star reviews here. We almost wish there were fewer because some people have asked us if they are fake. We can assure they are all real. We recognize many of the lovely faces on these reviews as some of our current and former clients. Furthermore, we have nowhere to hide. We don’t operate entirely online. We have physical office space where you can go and meet with us in person. And we’re in the legal industry, which requires highly strict adherence to professional ethics. In nearly a decade of serving our clients we have learned what works best and what makes people happy. But don’t take our word for it. Read the reviews and come visit one of our offices and find out for yourself. If you’re not satisfied, let us know and we’ll find a way to make things right. This is part of our mission statement.

Andrew Riggs Avatar
10/17/2022 - Google

Nicole was super helpful! She went above and beyond to help my client out.

David Garby Avatar
10/04/2022 - Google

I had the pleasure of using the services at Walk-In Notary recently. ... read more

Luisa Piedrahita Avatar
9/20/2022 - Google

Excellent service, quick and easy. Rates are fair. I was in and out... read more

Amit Kukreja Avatar
9/08/2022 - Google

Very helpful lady with amiable help. I will definitely recommend this Mississauga Walk... read more

putnik p u t n i k Avatar
9/05/2022 - Google

Thank you Mikel !

Andy Gobin Avatar
8/24/2022 - Google

Prompt and efficient services were offered. I was very impressed with the professional... read more

Shiraz Aziz Avatar
8/11/2022 - Google

Great service from Michael he has really help me out with getting my... read more

Alexis Emerson Avatar
8/08/2022 - Google

Amazing and fast service! Mike was extremely helpful and kind. Thank you!!

Ushas Varghese Avatar
6/25/2022 - Google

Quick and pleasant service

Andrea Zipa Avatar
5/28/2022 - Google

Excellent service!

Ma Arabia Avatar
5/26/2022 - Google

Great & quick service. Thank you Nicole.

Ashlynn Ashmir Avatar
5/18/2022 - Google

Great location and great customer service! Michael helps me with all my notary needs!

Justin Bullock Avatar
5/14/2022 - Google

Great service! Had a document Notarized in 2018 and happened to need another... read more

Jeffrey Brown Avatar
4/29/2022 - Google

Great great service friendly quick and fair pricing.

Adriana M Avatar
4/26/2022 - Google

Professional environment and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend for quick and reasonably priced... read more

kerry ann Avatar
4/22/2022 - Google

Kerry Nicole is the best.

Amalia C Avatar
4/19/2022 - Google

We had a single page, two signature document notarized by Kerry Nicole Ross... read more

Tom Karges Avatar
3/23/2022 - Google

Had some documents I needed to be witnessed and notarized and Anita was... read more

Barbara Parada Avatar
3/22/2022 - Google

very professional and quick service. I wish I had known about that place... read more

Tim Bhaumik Avatar
3/18/2022 - Google

Great team and Anita was wonderful to work with, would recommend to anyone... read more

Ann Autida Avatar
3/17/2022 - Google

Ms. Nicole is very nice and accommodating.

Tess Nick Avatar
3/16/2022 - Google

Great service delivered professionally and timely. I recommend Walk In Notary (KW) to... read more

D MAX Avatar
3/16/2022 - Google

Highly recommend using Walk-in Notary when submitting Monthly Progress Draws; CCDC 9. This... read more

Laura Gtrrez Avatar
3/09/2022 - Google

quick service, professional,

Andrea B. Marcano Avatar
3/09/2022 - Google

Great experience. Staff are very helpful. Got a document done in half an hour.

Karen Murphy Avatar
3/09/2022 - Google

Excellent service! Fast, very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous!Thank you!

David Murphy Avatar
3/09/2022 - Google

The representative, Donna was courteous, friendly and efficient. A very pleasant experience.

Brooke Johnston Avatar
3/09/2022 - Google

Extremely helpful and flexible! Can't find a better place to go!

Emmanuel Avatar
3/02/2022 - Google

Fast and effective. I was in a hurry when I got there. I... read more

Vincent A Avatar
2/23/2022 - Google

Awesome service, Anita was super nice and professional.Thank you.

William Phommavanh Avatar
2/23/2022 - Google

Efficient and informative.

Craig Arbon Avatar
2/23/2022 - Google

Quick! Easy! Friendly!Thank you Anita!

Jason Smith Avatar
2/23/2022 - Google

I've had to get a number of documents notarized over the past year... read more

asmith709 Avatar
2/23/2022 - Google

Great experience! Quick service, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Glad I found them.

Dean Miller Avatar
2/23/2022 - Google

What an informative and stress free experience. I was in from the states... read more

Patrick McCarthy Avatar
2/23/2022 - Google

I would like to express my thanks and appreciationto Joanne and Michael at... read more

Margaret Xie Avatar
2/23/2022 - Google

Michael provided a walk-in, effective and professional service. Highly recommended!

Mike Loo Avatar
2/23/2022 - Google

No appointments, no waiting, and great service! Michael De Fabrizio is friendly and... read more

Lindy Loo Avatar
1/23/2022 - Google

Quick and accurate. Very friendly. Got the job done!

Hisham Khan Avatar
1/23/2022 - Google

It's been my maiin GO TO place since I incorporated my company. Staff... read more

Parker Zhang Avatar
12/23/2021 - Google

Anita is wonderful, super efficient, professional and friendly. She gets my request done... read more

Shaden Samir Attia Avatar
12/23/2021 - Google

Very fast service, we were in an out 8n less than 15 minutes.... read more

Meet Patel Avatar
12/23/2021 - Google

Really satisfied with the service.They are quick in response.Joanne was awesome and very... read more

Inderpal Kanda Avatar
12/23/2021 - Google

Went here to Notarize documents few times and had a wonderful experience.Donna is... read more

Marc-André Laframboise Avatar
12/23/2021 - Google

Great and efficient service. Mike was great to work with! Thanks for helping.

Jessica Smith Avatar
11/23/2021 - Google

Joanne was extremely friendly and very efficient. Had a great experience!!

Susanne Ireland Avatar
11/23/2021 - Google

My experience with Donna at the Walk-In Notary (London) was pleasant, professional, expediant,... read more

Christina Lee Avatar
11/23/2021 - Google

I had a very good experience yesterday in this office. The service was... read more

Dalinda Cancino Avatar
11/23/2021 - Google

My experience was amazing. Before going to them I tried hiring a lawyer... read more

sarah bowen Avatar
10/23/2021 - Google

The best service in Ontario.Fast, efficient, professional.Don't go anywhere else!!

Dianna Basso Avatar
10/12/2021 - Google

Mary was Incredibly helpful, professional and friendly.What made my experience even better was... read more

Antonio Fernandez Avatar
10/12/2021 - Google

Pues a mi parecer,si tengo que puntuar,diría sobresaliente,Mary una persona joven, educada y... read more

Dema Mahdi Avatar
9/23/2021 - Google

I came in with my brother to certify documents and was amazed by... read more

Ben Harasyn Avatar
8/23/2021 - Google

Showed up right before closing on a Friday and was met with politeness... read more

Adnan Avatar
8/23/2021 - Google

I've been here twice and I had a great experience both times. Got... read more

Saori Butler Avatar
8/12/2021 - Google

We had a great experience at this location. It was quick and efficient,... read more

Hatem Salama Avatar
8/12/2021 - Google

I used the Walk in Notary office in Mississauga today, i was lucky... read more

haseen siddiqui Avatar
7/23/2021 - Google

Anita is super professional. I went in walkin and waited for only 5... read more

Xenhas Avatar
7/12/2021 - Google

I was greeted almost immediately upon entering the facility. I only needed to... read more

Karen Norton Avatar
6/23/2021 - Google

I am super impressed with the service I received at Walk-in Notary (the... read more