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The notaries working at Walk-In Notary are all lawyers that are also Notaries and Commissioners of Oath. We have all the necessary designation covered so that we can deal with any document that comes our oway. All of our notaries recieve additional high-level training from Walk-In Notary. Together, we have notarized hundreds of thousands of documents from around the world. In other words, we’ve seen it all! You can rest assured that your document will be notarized correctly, or your money back!

No Bias And No Up-sell

You know how it is…you go in for an oil change and suddenly you’re told that you also have to change your air-intake filter, catalytic convertor, breaks., etc.

Most notary companies also provide legal services. They use the opportunity of having you in their office for a notarization to also sell you their other services. They may, for example, tell you that your Power of Attorney was drafted incorrectly and that they can fix it for you, for an additional cost of course.

That can’t happen at Walk-In Notary. Notarizing is all we do – that’s our specialty! We have no other services to sell you. And in the event that you do require additional legal services we can help with that too

Benefits of In-Person Notarization

FAST: We are used to digital technology speeding our lives, however, when it comes to notarization, in-person is still faster because routine things like filling out a form, providing your ID, and signing the document can be done in a few minutes. If there are issues with your document they can be addressed quickly, whereas online requires multiple email exchanges which could take hours or even days.

COMPREHENSIVE: Any kind of document can be notarized in person, so long as it is within the boundaries of the law and common legal practice. A limited number of documents an be commissioned online.

AUTHENTICATION AND LEGALIZATION: Only documents that have been notarized in person can be legalized and authenticated for us use outside of Canada.

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