Notary Public & Commissioner of Oaths Services

This is a short list of just some of the types of documents we can notarize and/or draft. It is not a complete list so if you don’t see your document here or if you don’t know what kind of document you have, just give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be happy to help you figure it out!

In Person Notarization

What is it?

An affidavit is a written declaration of facts that is sworn by an “affiant” in front of a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths.

Why are they needed?

Evidence for court matters or other legal procedures often needs to come in the form of an affidavit. They are valuable because when someone swears an oath, or makes an affirmation, before a Notary Public it becomes a criminal offence to lie in the contents of the affidavit. Thus, third parties have an additional level of security when receiving information in this form. Further, A notary is required to verify the identity of the “affiant” before notarizing the document. In this way, the person receiving the document is assured that the paper was in fact signed by the correct person and not by an imposter. We can notarize your affidavits quickly and easily. For a small additional fee, we can also draft affidavits for your convenience. This can be done on the spot – without further appointments being necessary. The whole process is quick and easy for you.

What is it?

This is a photocopy of an original document which is verified by a notary public to be an accurate copy of the original. This is done when an official document (such as an ID, government papers, educational credentials etc.) needs to be provided/submitted to a third party. Often the original document is one of kind and it becomes impractical to give it away. Normal photocopies could be doctored or altered. The True Copy is objective evidence of the accuracy of the image

How is it done?

To do this, the notary must compare the original document to the copy (we can do the photocopying). He/she verifies that the copy is accurate, unaltered and all details match the original.

We are happy to certify true copies. This is done quickly and easily. We are here to help you with your true copy needs.

We are often presented with diplomas for the purposes of making a certified copy. We will in most cases make the copy ourselves. If the diploma, however, is unusually large, we ask you to go to a print shop and make the copy.

What is it?

A Statutory Declaration is similar to an affidavit. It is a written declaration of facts by a “declarant” However, unlike an affidavit; it is not a sworn document. Rather than swear an oath, a “declaration” is administered by the Notary Public. It has the same legal effect of an affidavit and it is a criminal offence to lie in a statutory declaration. It is often used when one does not wish to swear an oath (such as when the declarant does not wish to swear to God about the documents’ contents). As in an affidavit, the Notary verifies the declarant’s identity thereby providing security to the receiving party of the authenticity of the signature.

 We can notarize affidavits quickly and easily. For a small additional fee, we can also draft statutory declarations for your convenience. This can be done on the spot – without further appointments being necessary. The whole process is quick and easy for you.

please note that the only thing we can do with criminal background checks is to make a certified copy. And this is usually what is required. We cannot stamp the original as that would imply that we either conducted the background check or that we witnessed someone’s signature on the document.

This is often required when a foreign minor will be studying in Canada and will be under the custodianship of a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident. We can notarize this document. Please note that the Custodian will need to present proof of address and citizenship or Permanent Resident status.

Please note that we cannot act as Guarantors for a Passport Application. To be a guarantor, one must know the applicant personally. As we are only meeting you during your visit, we would not be able to complete the Guarantor section of the application. However, we are able to notarize “Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor”

Is the act of witnessing a document in writing, and subscribing it as a witness. These must typically be Notarized/Commissioned.

We are able to make certified copies of Degrees and Diplomas. However, to do so you must present the original document. We need to compare the copy to the original and certify that it is a true copy of the original.

There are a number of things to be aware of with real estate closings. First, recall that we cannot act as your lawyer, which means we cannot explain the contents of your document to you. We suggest that you review the document with your lawyer before attending our office to sign the documents. Take your time and be very clear on what needs to be done and where the notary has to sign. We won’t tell you that. We take our instruction from you. Secondly, if your document requires witnesses in addition to the notary, please bring the number of witnesses required. Note that witnesses are not required by us. They are required by your document and the recipient of the document. If you wish to have the need for witnesses waived, then discuss this with your lawyer and/or the document recipient. Finally, please note that it is especially important with real estate documents that the name on your documents match the name on the ID you provide us.

Service Ontario’s Name Change package includes a Statutory Declaration. This Declaration must be Notarized/Commissioned before submission. Please note that the entire package (and all required sections) must be completed before it can be Notarized/Commissioned.  

Under normal circumstances, HST is charged when a vehicle’s ownership is transferred from one owner to another. However, when the vehicle is given as a gift between family members the HST payment is waived. Service Ontario requires that a Sworn Statement be provided which describes the relationship between the parties and circumstances of the transfer. We can Notarize/Commission this document.

When a child leaves the country without one or both parents, a Notarized Consent to Travel must often be shown when crossing an international border. This letter, sworn/declared by the parent(s) remaining in Canada, specifies that the child has permission to travel abroad with the accompanying adult(s).

After making an insurance claim, many insurance companies require that the claimant provide a sworn/declared statement regarding the loss that was suffered. This provides additional evidence of the details of the loss suffered. The oath or affirmation binds the claimant to her/his document as it is perjury to offer false information in this circumstance.

We can witness your signature on a foreign language document. Please note that we do not review the document(s), nor do we give any legal advice. However, we will verify that we witnessed your signature after the presentation of government issued photo ID. We will sign, date, stamp and seal the document. As this reflects a higher level of potential liability to us an additional $10 fee is charged on these forms.

When clients call in to ask whether we sign Guarantor statements (GS), we notify them that we do SO LONG AS the GS does not require us to state that we know the client personally. If it does then we can’t do it.We do have the option in some cases to strike out the sentence that states that we know the client personally and replace is with “checked ID” but you have to get the client to find out if that’s ok (for example, this is usually ok on Jamaican Passport forms). It’s not ok on Canadian passport form. However, with Canadian Passport forms you can obtain a form from the Passport office called “Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor”. We can notarize that.

OSAP applications often require a declaration that certain facts are true (for example, marital status, income for a specific time period, child custody, parental support etc.). We can assist you in two ways:

  1. We can notarize a document which you bring in which deals with this subject matter;
  2. We can draft an affidavit or statutory declaration which will state the circumstances surrounding your application. Please note that there will be an additional charge for drafting.

Please note that we do not prepare wills, though we can refer you to lawyers that do. We only notarize wills. More specifically, we notarize the affidavits of execution that must be signed by a witness. For more information about this please read our instructions regarding wills as well as our blog post about wills.

This is often a standard form document issued by the government or an employer in which the party (or parties) swear or affirm that they meet the requirements of a common law union. This is often used by employers for the extension of benefits/insurance/pension benefits to the common law partners of employees. It can also be requested by the government for tax, pension, immigration, or student assistance applications. In some circumstances, where there is no such standard form provided, we can draft these declarations (an additional drafting fee will apply).

Prior to your visit, please review your documents and note the following issues:

  • Please bring in the completed, but not signed documents. We cannot assist you in the completion of the documents beyond the notarization of the forms. We are not permitted to enter details in the forms. This should be done by you or your lawyer in advance of your meeting with the Notary.
  • Please note that some Separation Agreements include a “Certificate of Independent Legal Advice” section. We cannot complete this section as we do not give any legal advice regarding the document/agreement. If you require legal advice, please consult a Law Office. All advice regarding the details and the requirements of your agreement should come from your lawyer.
  • Please also note that some Separation Agreements require that the parties visit the Notary office separate and apart from each other. If the is the case, please note that you must attend apart from one another. The parties to the agreement cannot attend at the same time. Furthermore, each party will be charged separately as part of a separate transaction. If you wish to attend together, please remove the phrase “separate and apart” from the agreement. If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to call one of our offices. See below for contact details.

After a vehicle is stolen or otherwise the subject of an insurance claim, many insurance companies require that the claimant provide a sworn/declared Proof of Loss form. This provides additional evidence of the details of the loss suffered. The oath or affirmation binds the claimant to her/his document as it is perjury to offer false information in this circumstance.

We will be happy to scan your document for you and send you copy for your records. This is a good way to keep record of your document indefinitely and if you need to access your document remotely (e.g. while traveling to another country) you can do so.

Here is a short list of the some the things we do not do:

  • We do not provide legal advice
  • We do not prepare Wills or Powers of Attorney
  • We do not translate documents
  • We do not insert foreign USB devices into our computers
  • We do not prepare affidavits or letters that require us to provide legal advice or to advocate on your behalf
  • We do not determine whether you need something notarized
    (it’s your responsibility to find out and instruct us)
  • We do not liaison with third parties on your behalf
  • We do not provide your confidential information to anyone
    (see our privacy policy).

Referral Program

At Walk-In Notary we do one thing very well. Notarize documents. That’s all we do. However, people often like our service so much that they ask us if we also do other things, like prepare wills or translate documents. The bad news is that we don’t. In particular, we do not provide legal advice at Walk-In Notary. The good news it that we know people that do. Please review some of these service providers below.