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Mary Shemon

Criminal And Family Law

Mary Shemon is the founder of Shemon Law, where her practice focuses on personal injury, divorce, and criminal law. Her portfolio includes an extensive range of serious injury cases, such as those resulting from motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, cycling accidents, and more. In the Family Law sphere, Mary handles divorces and has been consulted for Independent Legal Advice. Her practice also covers a range of criminal offences, including assault and impaired driving.

Mary has garnered a reputation in the legal community as a relentless advocate with a determined winning mentality. She has represented police officers, fire fighters, government employees, business owners, health care workers, and students.

Mary received her JD from the University of Windsor, and is a member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario.

Joanne Raymond

Joanne believes in fairness and access to justice. Her goal is to provide local, relevant and supportive legal services in labour and employment, disability and discrimination and veterinary law. A graduate from Osgoode Hall Law School and called to the bar in January 2020, Joanne spent 15 years working in the academic field prior to returning to law school. She worked alongside veterinarians in a variety of roles and gained a deep respect and understanding for the needs of the profession. She was involved with her union as a Steward and Executive member, as well as being active on the Job Evaluation, Grievance and Bargaining committees. In her personal life, she has spent the last 10 years helping her partner raise their children, three of whom have indigenous heritage and have special needs. This has given her a great deal of experience navigating the complex network of access to funding and resources.

Areas of practice include:

  • Labour and Employment Law
  • Disability and Discrimination Law
  • Veterinary Law
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services
  • Advocacy Services
  • General Practice for individual legal needs

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