- October 10, 2023

Policy on Verification of Notarizations for Receiving Parties Overview

This policy outlines Walk-In Notary’s limitations concerning the verification of notarizations for receiving parties. It aims to clarify our role as notaries public and to set forth our obligations under the Law Society of Ontario’s rules of ethical and professional conduct.

This policy applies to all inquiries from receiving parties regarding the verification or validation of documents notarized by Walk-In Notary.

Our role as a Notary Public is strictly limited to witnessing signatures. We do not provide legal advice or form a solicitor-client relationship with our clients. This limitation is explicitly stated in our designation stamps, marketing materials, and client acknowledgements.

No Verification of Content: We do not examine or verify the contents of documents we notarize. Notarization serves as evidence of the signing of a document, not the validation of its contents.

Adherence to Confidentiality Requirements: We adhere to the rules of ethical and professional conduct of the Law Society of Ontario, which includes maintaining strict client confidentiality. Therefore we cannot share client-specific information with third parties. We cannot even confirm that a client has attended our office. Rather, we use our notary seals as proof of notarization, obviating the need for separate verbal or written verification from us.

Identity Verification: We always verify a client’s identity prior to notarization, making a notarized document sufficient proof that ID was verified.

Given the volume of notarizations we conduct, our notaries do not usually have a personal recollection of individual meetings or documents.

Under normal circumstances, receiving parties do not need separate verification from Walk-In Notary. The original notarized document, bearing our embossed seal, serves as adequate proof of notarization and identity verification.

For additional questions or clarifications regarding this policy, please contact info@walkinnotary.com

We hope this policy clarifies our limitations and procedures concerning verification requests for notarized documents. Thank you for your understanding.

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