Are you a real Notary?

We sometimes get asked if we are "real" notaries. Some people might find this off-putting, however, we think that it is a good question to ask. After all, there are fake notaries out there. These are people that pretend to be notaries even though they do not have the credentials or designation to be a notary. There are also individuals out there who innocently think that they are Notaries without realizing that they are not in fact qualified to notarize documents. For instance, some government officials can be commissioners of oaths, but that's not the same thing as being a notary.  Also, some people can have the right to "Notarize" documents within the context of their business but they cannot offer Notarization services to the public. To be clear, in Ontario, all Notaries are lawyers. If you encounter a Notary that is not a lawyer you might want to ask more questions to find out if they are qualified to notarize your document. 

And to answer the question...yes, we are real Notaries! All of our notaries are Ontario lawyers that obtain an additional designation from the government of Ontario to carry out the duties of a Notary Public. 

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