Signing parties must be present at notarization

Sometimes, people think that it would be more convenient to pre-sign their document and send it to us for Notarization with a friend or family member.

However, the law is very specific. A notary public can only notarize a document when he/she actually witnesses the signing party’s signature. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this rule. All signing parties must be physically present so that the notary can verify their identities and signatures.

The good news is that we are centrally located, near Square One, in Mississauga. We also offer Walk in Service, so you don’t have to waste time making appointments or waiting around in your lawyer’s office. The process is quick and simple.

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Don’t take chances with letters of invitation

Non-Canadians are sometimes required to gain permission from the Canadian government in order to visit Canada, depending on their country of citizenship. This permission is granted in the form of a Visitor’s Visa.

One of the requirements for obtaining a visitor’s visa is an Invitation Letter from a resident of Canada. So, for example, if your cousin lives in India and he wants to visit Canada for a few weeks, you will need to provide him with a letter of invitation that he will submit to the Canadian Government along with his Visitor’s Visa application.

Over the years we have notarized hundreds of letters of invitation and we have noticed that many of them are badly written. Consequently, clients sometimes return to our office to have the letters notarized again or for us to write the letter for them.

It’s not enough to simply state you wish to invite your friend or family member to Canada. The Canadian government is looking for a list of very specific information and wording regarding the responsibilities you are willing to assume, information about your employment and banking details, as well as information about the person you are inviting.

If you are not sure about what to put in the letter or how to write it, take advantage of our drafting services. For only $89.99 we will write you a letter that contains all of the information that the Canadian government generally looks for. Although we cannot guarantee that your family or friend will be able to obtain a visitor’s visa due to the fact that the visa application depends on numerous factors, we can guarantee that your letter will be well written and properly notarized. Why take chances? Contact us today!


Guarantor for passport applications

We can usually act as Guarantors on passport applications. Please note that some passport applications (in particular, Canadian Passport Applications) require a guarantor (from a list of professionals, including Notaries) that knows the applicant personally for a certain period of time (i.e. 2 years for Canada). Of course, we cannot sign this form, unless we happen to know you.

Here’s what to do:

1. If it’s a Canadian Passport Application

Ask Passport Canada for a form called “Statutory Declaration In Lieu of Guarantor”. This is is a form that we CAN notarize.

2. If it’s a foreign Passport Application

We will need to strike out the wording related to personally knowing you. Most foreign passport offices accept this, however, the best way to be sure is to contact your passport office and ask.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further clarification. Our Mississauga Notary Public office can be reached at 905-366-4356. Our Toronto Notary Public office (located in North York) can be reached at 647-609-5944.


Non-english certified true copies

We sometimes get asked if we can make certified copies of non-English documents. The answer is “Yes!”, so long as the document that you need a copy of is an original document. What is an original document? An original document contains either a seal, a signature, or a stamp. If a document does not contain any of these (e.g. Income Tax Returns) then we can administer your oath that it is a copy of an original document and notarize that instead. There are lots of work-arounds. Fortunately, the language that the document is in does not have any bearing on whether we can notarize the document.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Give us a call at 905-366-4356, or email us at


Travelling without a consent to travel? Not a good idea

While at Pearson Airport, in Mississauga, Ontario. I met a woman who was planning to travel to Greece, to attend her husband’s grandmother’s funeral. Her husband had already gone to Greece where he expected his wife and young child to follow.

He even wrote and signed a letter of consent allowing his daughter to travel with her mom (without him). However, there was a problem. The letter was not notarized. Upon reaching the checkpoint, security prevented his wife from entering. She was told that she needed a Notary Public to notarize the document. Without notarization, she would not be allowed to leave the country with her daughter. The mother was dressed in black, crying and begging the guard to let her in. She was told that she had two choices: stay home, or leave without her child.

Obviously, she didn’t like either option. I told her that I was a Notary, but I could not notarize the document without witnessing her husband’s signature. She had to delay her trip while she found someone to care for her child.

Walk-In Notary can help. If you need a Consent to Travel Letter, we can draft one for you, or notarize one that you draft. However, we need you to be present at the time of notarization so that we can witness your signature. Have questions? Give us a call at 905-366-4356, or email us at


Statutory declaration for annual renewal of authorization for a corporation to practice medicine

We are often approached by doctors and other medical professionals with questions regarding their annual renewal of their “Certificate of Authorization for a Corporation to Practise Medicine”.

They don’t know where to get their statutory declarations notarized, how to get certified true copies of previous certificates of corporation, or who can perform these services.

Walk-In Notary can help. We are centrally located, near Square One, in Mississauga, Ontario and we regularly deal with these documents. Simply fill out the Statutory Declaration with the information which the College of Physicians requires, bring the original documents (if any certified true copies are required) and come right over. We provide a walk-in service and can have your notarization done in just a few minutes.

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Getting married abroad

Planning to get married abroad? Many countries require a “Statutory Declaration of Marital Status” or “Single Status Declaration” before you can marry in that jurisdiction.

You might also be required to provide certified true copies of birth certificates, passports, marriage or divorce certificates, as well as any number of other documents which your destination will need before granting your permission to continue.

A big issue is that many countries require evidence that you may legally marry – that you are single, or legally divorced. It is always a good idea to speak with the consulate/embassy of the country in which you plan to marry, as well as your travel agent to ensure that you comply with all related rules and regulations.

We can help. We can quickly certify true copies of required documents, as well as notarize your statutory declarations. Come right over. No appointments are necessary and your documents can be done in just minutes. Don’t have a statutory declaration? We can draft one for you on the spot. We regularly deal with these declarations and would be happy to help you.

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Please join our food drive

We are participating in the Mississauga Food Bank food drive. Please bring
us your non-perishalbe food items (e.g. peanut butter, rice, cereal) and
Walk In Notary will donate the food to the Mississauga Food Bank. In
addition, Walk In Notary has pledged to donate $2 to the Mississauga
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Our office location

Many of our clients are very happy that we are so centrally located. Our office is at 4 Robert Speck Parkway, suite 1500, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Z 1S1.

We are at the corner of Robert Speck Parkway and Shipp Drive, just east of Hurontario and Square One mall.

If you are taking the 403, exit at Hurontario, go south until you reach Robert Speck Parkway and make a left at the lights. We are on the right side (north side of the street).

There is plenty of parking in the front of the building and we are wheelchair accessible.

Here are a few photos of our building and surrounding area to help you get familiar with our location:

This is our building lobby:

We are located on the 15th floor. This is our floor’s lobby:


Time is money

People often ask us how long they’ll have to wait to see a notary and how
long it takes to have something notarized. The short answer to this is “not
very long at all”.

The more detailed answer is this: because we
offer a walk-in service we cannot predict when clients will attend our office and how many will
attend at any given time. That said, we crunched the numbers and found
that on average a person waits in our lobby for 32 seconds. The average
amount of time that it takes to notarize a document is 4 minutes and 27
seconds. Keep in mind that this is an average. Depending on how many
documents you require to be notarized, the amount of time can be twice
or three times as long.

Walk-in services, such as a walk-in medical clinic, are usually associated
with long wait times but this is not the case here at Walk-In Notary. We
understand that your time is valuable and we do our best to provide you
with a very fast service! Most clients are actually surprised by how little
time it takes to have their documents notarized. We pride ourselves on our
ability to do this. The reason we can do this is that we have notarized
thousands of documents over the years (probably more than any other
notary in Canada) so there is nothing that can surprise us. We can analyze
your needs almost immediately and deliver a fast and professional service.