Our Covid-19 Response

We take your and our staff’s safety very seriously. We have implemented many measures throughout the pandemic to mitigate everyone’s risk. And it seems that we have been successful because despite meeting with thousands of individuals, so far, none of our offices, notaries, or staff have contracted the virus. Nonetheless, we remain vigilant and continue to implement measures listed below.

What We Are Doing?

  • LOCAL ASSESSMENT – We assess the level of risk on a city-by-city basis.
  • AIR PURIFIER – All of our offices are equipped with a Hepa Certified Air Purifier that is capable of capturing microdroplets which may carry the Coronavirus.
  • PLEXIGLASS PARTITION – All of our offices are equipped with a desktop plexiglass divider between the notary’s section of the office and the client.
  • HAND SANITIZER – All of our office contains hand sanitizers for the Notary as well as for the client.
  • EQUIPMENT SANITIZATION – We sanitize surfaces and payment machines.

What We Need From You

If you suspect that you or someone that you are close to have contracted any viral infection please do not attend our office. if you are displaying any symptoms that are consistent with a viral infections (e.g. coughing, sneezing), even if you know it’s an allergy, please do not attend our office.

  • Masks – Mask use is not necessary but encouraged.
  • No Accompaniment – Only people that have to be at our offices (i.e. people that have to sign a document) should visit our offie. Do not bring anyone with you that does not have to be at our office.
  • Cooperation – We ask you that you cooperate our policies. Please keep in mind that our offices are private property.