How long does it take?

We are fast. The notarization process itself can take as little as five minutes. We have been notarizing documents for years, so we have a lot of practice and we know what we’re doing. What can slow us down is an unprepared client. If you want to prepare for this process and expedite it as much as possible we encourage you to read our Instructions page.

We understand that some of you may have an urgent matter and that you may be in a rush to be seen by a notary and have your document notarized. We ask that you wait in our lobby patiently. Most of our clients do not have to wait at all, or very long. However, because we are a walk-in it’s possible that, by chance, several people could walk-in at the same time or just before you and that means that you may have to wait a few minutes. It’s also possible that one person could be ahead of you and that person might be unprepared or may have a large number of documents to notarize. We cannot predict who will walk-in and what will be expected of us on a daily basis. Therefore, we urge you to exercise patience.