- November 13, 2014

Time is money

People often ask us how long they’ll have to wait to see a notary and how
long it takes to have something notarized. The short answer to this is “not
very long at all”.

The more detailed answer is this: because we
offer a walk-in service we cannot predict when clients will attend our office and how many will
attend at any given time. That said, we crunched the numbers and found
that on average a person waits in our lobby for 32 seconds. The average
amount of time that it takes to notarize a document is 4 minutes and 27
seconds. Keep in mind that this is an average. Depending on how many
documents you require to be notarized, the amount of time can be twice
or three times as long.

Walk-in services, such as a walk-in medical clinic, are usually associated
with long wait times but this is not the case here at Walk-In Notary. We
understand that your time is valuable and we do our best to provide you
with a very fast service! Most clients are actually surprised by how little
time it takes to have their documents notarized. We pride ourselves on our
ability to do this. The reason we can do this is that we have notarized
thousands of documents over the years (probably more than any other
notary in Canada) so there is nothing that can surprise us. We can analyze
your needs almost immediately and deliver a fast and professional service.

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