- February 3, 2022

RIN Letters for Service Ontario

When registering a vehicle to a company’s name for the first time, a Registrant Identification Number (“RIN”) Affidavit or Declaration is often required. We can assist you with this service at any of our walk-in location. This service cannot be performed through the online service.

Prior to attending our offices, please note the following:

1) The RIN Affidavit must be on your individual company’s Letterhead. This letterhead must include the company name, address and phone number.
If you are drafting your own document, please ensure to print it on your letterhead. It cannot be printed on our letterhead, even when we are drafting the document, as this will not be accepted by Service Ontario.

To this end, if you would like us to assist you with the drafting the document, you can provide us with your letterhead (either a hard copy on which we can print OR a soft copy on which we can draft). If you do not have a Letterhead, we can create one for you.

2) Contents – The letter should be from a company Director and should be addressed to the Ministry of Transportation. It should include the company name and address. It should also specify that they would like to register the vehicle with the Ministry of Transportation (that they endorse the registration of the vehicle by the Ministry of Transportation).

If you have the vehicle information, please include this information.

3) This document must be Notarized – Should be signed by the Director in our presence and signed, dated and Notarized. As mentioned above, the online commissioning of the document will not be accepted by Service Ontario.

4) Please note that Service Ontario can (and sometimes does) change its requirements. For this reason, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that you adhere to Service Ontario’s requirements. Our blogpost is for general reference and may not reflect changes to Service Ontario’s policies or guidelines.

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