- February 3, 2022

Online Comissioning

Whether you are self-isolating, have mobility issues, live far away from one of our walk-in locations, or simply want to have your document commissioned from the comfort of your own home, know that we can assist you with online commissioning.
If you are interested in using this service, please email your completed (but not signed) document AND two pieces of valid government issued photo ID to online@walkinnotary.com
The online commissioning is quick easy and widely accepted. However, you should be aware of some limits to the practice:

1) There are some documents which require an in-person Commissioning or Notarization. We cannot make certified copies, commission Contracts, Consent to travel letters or any other document which specifies that an in person meeting, commissioning or Notarization is required.

2) We cannot Notarize documents online as we cannot affix a physical seal to a digital document – we can only commission (where we sign, stamp but do not affix a Notary Seal).

If you need a Notarization, please check with the recipient to see if online commissioning is sufficient and will be accepted.

3) We do not physically sign the documents through this service. The forms would be signed through an online signing platform during a video meeting.

4) To use the service, you must be able to access a computer/phone with a camera and microphone so that you can access the internet, your email and can attend a video meeting.

5) Payment can be made through Etransfer or credit card payment.

6) If you are unsure of the acceptability of an online commissioning, you should check with the recipient.

7) Online commissioned documents cannot be Authenticated/Legalized.

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