Can the Notary Public be a witness as well as sign as the Notary?

As a Notary Public, we cannot notarize our own signature. In some cases, a Notary can be a witness as well as notarize the document if the witness signatures are not being notarized. You should carefully review your document and check with the person receiving it to determine witness requirements before attending the Notary office.

My document needs witnesses as well as a Notary Public signature. Do you provide witnesses?

In some of our offices, there is one additional witness available for an additional fee. To be certain of meeting your requirements, you should arrange to bring any additional witnesses with you when you come in. Each witness will have to show a piece of valid photo identification.

Someone else needs to sign the document. Can I bring it in with their signature and have it notarized?

To have a signature witnessed or a declaration administered, a person must be present in person and sign the document in front of the Notary Public for the document to be notarized. You cannot bring in documents for other people unless all that is required is a certified copy.

Do you take fingerprints?

No, we do not.