We are committed to providing you with the fastest service at the most competitive rates. Our fees are lower than any other comparable (i.e. walk-in, no appointments, during business hours) Notary company in Mississauga and we guarantee it! 

We will price-match any other advertised fees for a comparable  service.

RISK-FREE (100% Money Back Guarantee)

If you are unsatisfied with our services for ANY reason, we will provide you with a full refund! It's as simple as that!


Our price structure is very straight-forward. We display all of our fees right on our Fees Page. We're committed to making your experience pleasant and predictable. If you need a notary public in Mississauga, don't hesitate to contact us.


The notaries working at Walk-In Notary have a combined experience of nearly 20 years and have notarized literally thousands of documents. In other words, we've seen it all! You can rest assured that your document will be notarized correctly, or your money back!


You know how it is…you go in for an oil change and suddenly you're told that you also have to change your air-intake filter, catalytic convertor, breaks., etc.

Most notary companies also provide legal services. They use the opportunity of having you in their office for a notarization to also sell you their other services. They may, for example, tell you that your Power of Attorney was drafted incorrectly and that they can fix it for you, for an additional cost of course.

That can't happen at Walk-In Notary.  Notarizing is all we do - that's our specialty! We have no other services to sell you. And in the event that you do require additional legal services we can help with that too - see our next point.


We do not provide legal advice at Walk-In Notary. However, if your matter requires a lawyer we'll be able to refer you to one that suits your case. Most people don't know where to get started in searching for a lawyer. That's because most lawyers these days specialize in a specific area of law (e.g. real estate law) and sometimes in order to figure out what area of law pertains to your case you need to be a lawyer. Talk about a catch 22.

We will assess your situation and do the research for you in order to find you a lawyer that will best suite your needs. That means that we'll find you a lawyer that will specialize in the area of law that pertain to your matter, will be geographically close to your residence, and will provide you with the most competitive rates in your area.

In our experience this is an immensely valuable service. So much so that that if you are looking for a lawyer, even if you don't need anything notarized, you may want to attend our office to take advantage of this service alone.