English Translation/Interpretation

What happens if the person that requires our Notary service does not speak or understand English very well?

In this circumstance, an interpreter is required. And the interpreter must sign an Affidavit of Interpretation, stating that they interpreted to the best of their ability. This is required when a client comes into the office and there is a question about the level of understanding the client has regarding the Office Acknowledgment Form and the Document the client will be signing.  

When signing a legal document the standard of English competency required is higher than in other contexts.  For instance, when a Notary is administering an oath/declaration, the Notary must ensure the client understands this oath or declaration.  Without this understanding, the oath is not valid. Drafting the Affidavit of interpretation, and administering the oath to someone who will ensure the client understands their own oath, is necessary for the validity of the Notarization.  This extra step, protects both the client and the Notary against any questions of legitimacy regarding the Notarized document. The charge for drafting and administering the oath for an Affidavit of Interpretation is $89.99 plus tax. You may also draft this Affidavit yourself, therefore the charge would be $39.99 plus tax, for administering your oath.  If you have any questions or require more information about this or any of our other services or policies, please do not hesitate to call us.